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The Drawings of Annibale Carracci

about this catalogue
Introductory Essay
The Inventive Genius of Annibale
by Diane De Grazia

Selected Catalogue Entries
A Man Weighing Meat
Male Nude Seen from Behind
A Faun Blowing a Horn
A Bacchic Procession with Silenus
Head of a Satyr
Seated Ignudo Looking Upward
Coastal Landscape
Landscape with Smiling Sunrise
Christ Crowned with Thorns
Studies for an Adoration of the Shepherds

The Fate of Annibale's Drawings
Catherine Loisel Legrand
Annibale Carracci: Chronology and Documents
Stacey Sell
Annibale Carracci's Beginnings in Bologna:
Between Nature and History
Daniele Benati
Annibale in the Farnese Palace: A Classical Education
Gail Feigenbaum
Annibale's Rome: Art and Life in the Eternal City
Kate Ganz

For more information about the exhibition, see The Drawings of Annibale Carracci.