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Wallovers are symmetrical designs painted on a virtual wall. Select a square or hexagonal grid and choose a pattern and background color, then watch what happens as you draw. Change the brush size or color to vary the patterns. The rainbow brush cycles through colors as you hold down the mouse. The computer will make patterns for you if you click the AUTODRAW pencil icon near the top of this page. To start over, choose a new grid or pattern, or click the eraser. Click the printer icon to print your designs on paper, or save your picture on the computer by taking a screenshot.

If the Shockwave application above is blank, download the Shockwave plug-in.


  For best results, run your PC or Macintosh web browser in 32-bit mode.

If you have a recent Macintosh computer, please use the downloadable OS X desktop version of Wallovers.
Current Mac browsers are not compatible with this drawing program.



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