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The 77th Season of Concerts 2018–2019
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band
Water, Wind, and Waves: The Wind Band at Sea

September 30 at 3:30
West Building, West Garden Court

Celebrating Water, Wind, and Waves: Marine Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age

Historic songs of the seas can be found in many cultures, and sailors sang them as they went about their tasks on ship. During the Age of Discovery in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, explorers took trained musicians along with them, especially wind bands. Piffaro’s program centers around two groups of seafaring nations, the Low Countries and England, and Spain and Italy. The concert features music about the sea, inspired by the sea, and heard on the sea. The composers include, among others, Thomas Ravenscroft, John Dowland, John Coperario, Francisco Guerrero, Mateo Flecha, and Andrea Gabrieli.

Photo by Church Street Studios

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