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The 76th Season of Concerts 2017–2018

April 15 at 3:30
West Building, West Garden Court

“Fretwork is the finest viol consort on the planet.” —Stephen Pettitt, London Evening Standard

“When Fretwork recorded Bach’s Art of Fugue in 2002, we made no attempt to complete the final contrapunctus, preferring to end our recording exactly how the manuscript ends, the music trailing off in dramatic fashion. However, since then I have become increasingly dissatisfied with this approach and I have tried to find a more fitting conclusion to this great work. Reading more, it became clear that despite C. P. E. Bach’s assertion on that last page of his father’s manuscript that his death interrupted the composition, in fact the work was written much earlier. This is the last work of the author, which contains all sorts of counterpoints and canons, on a single principal subject. His last illness prevented him from bringing the next-to-last fugue to completion and working out the last one, which was to contain four themes and to have been afterward inverted note-for-note in all four voices. I have taken his suggestions and made one possible completion of the work.” —Richard Boothby, director, Fretwork

Photo by Chris Dawes

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