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The 76th Season of Concerts 2017–2018
Heinavanker Ensemble

April 8 at 3:30
West Building, West Garden Court

The vocal ensemble Heinavanker is a unique meeting point for musicians active in different fields. Since 1996, under the direction of composer Margo Kõlar, the group has delved into early sacred music, ancestral traditions, and contemporary imagination. Ancient Estonian runic songs and folk hymns are an important part of Heinavanker's repertoire. The name Heinavanker (Estonian for "hay wagon") originates from Hieronymus Bosch's (c. 1450–1516) Haywain Triptych. The allegoric scenes of this strange painting seem like they could be inspired by modern life: in the midst of chaos, music arises.

Celebrating Michel Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe

Photo courtesy of Heinavanker

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