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Art Investigators

Ages 4–7

How do you investigate a work of art? This program helps children make careful observations, analyze artists’ choices, ask questions, and use their imagination while exploring works of art. Led by museum educators, each program includes reading a children’s book, exploring one work of art in the galleries, and completing a simple hands-on activity. Children will receive a notebook to accompany the program. Each program is approximately 60 minutes.

Art Investigators will next be offered in July 2017. Click here for a complete list of program topics and dates.


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Stories in Art Photos

Experience the Stories in Art program by viewing these photos.

Multiple-Visit Programs

The Gallery offers a series of programs designed to engage families across the developmental spectrum of their child.  Both programs aim to inspire curiosity and strengthen observation and thinking skills, which develop over time and through multiple encounters with works of art.  By slowing down and closely examining one work of art during each program session, families deepen their understanding of art.  The programs aim to provide models for families to explore art together on their own in the museum.

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