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Case for a New Hangman preceded by The Uninvited Guest

November 17 at 4:00 p.m.
West Building Lecture Hall

Introduced by Gabriel M. Paletz

The first of two allegories of life in socialist Czechoslovakia, both are imaginative, critical films “banned forever” by the regime. Produced at the Czech national film school FAMU, just months after the Warsaw Pact invasion crushed the Prague Spring, the dark-humored The Uninvited Guest portrays a couple in an apartment block who face a gruff intruder. (Vlastimil Venclík, 1969, 22 minutes)
    Case for a New Hangman is unique among the works of the Czech New Wave. Pavel Juráček adapted part three of Gulliver’s Travels into a sci-fi journey through socialist Czechoslovakia. The confining borders, polluted landscapes, perverted justice, and public surveillance of a socialist land transform into an unsettling new world, for discovery (in the film’s alternate title) by A New Gulliver. (Pavel Juráček, 1969, subtitles, 102 minutes)

still from Case for a New Hangman
courtesy National Film Archive, Prague

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