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Akanishi Kakita

July 19 at 12:30
East Building Auditorium

In the 1930s, Mansaku Itami (father of Jūzō Itami, who directed the 1985 film Tampopo) adapted Shiga Naoya’s popular 1917 novella Akanishi Kakita for the screen. A poor, over-the-hill, cat-loving samurai is charged with the task of spying on a rebel clan from within. Bold for its era, Akanishi Kakita playfully lampoons male heroism and the samurai code as its star, Chiezō Kataoka, enacts two roles — the lowly samurai and the enemy lord. (Mansaku Itami, 1936, 35mm, subtitles, 77 minutes)

©1936 courtesy NIKKATSU Corporation

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