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Film Programs
Animals in Animation I: Kōji Yamamura and Image Forum

July 13 at 12:30
East Building Auditorium

A program of recent and classic animated shorts from Kōji Yamamura — a celebrated illustrator of children’s literature and independent creator of music videos and delicate animated drawings — includes The Old Crocodile, Natural History, Short Happy Life of a Goldfish, Zodiac One Third, Amefuri Kumanoko, and Anthology with Cranes (Kōji Yamamura, 1985 – 2016). Yama-mura’s films are followed by A Place Where There Are Moths (Mika Seike, 2001) and The Mechanism of Spring (Wada Atsushi, 2010) — selected from the famed Image Forum, the largest art film festival in Japan. (Total running time approximately 50 minutes)

courtesy Yamamura Animation

Film programs

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