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Horse Beings

June 23 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Director Ryohei Sasatani in person

Before the modernization of Japan, horses were not only useful laborers, they were also often considered members of families and even objects of worship. A new documentary on vanishing horse culture and the deep connections between human beings and horses that persist in northern Japan, Horse Beings (Uma arite) depicts entrenched customs, time-honored routines, religious traditions, and even the local myth of Oshirasama, the story of a girl who married her horse. “I observed remnants of this way of life when I visited. . . . People still live in a severe but beautiful world, a world of faith surrounded by the deep green mountains. I hope this film reaches many people and presents another aspect of Japan for discovery” — Ryohei Sasatani. Shown in conjunction with the exhibition The Life of Animals in Japanese Art. (Ryohei Sasatani, 2018, subtitles, 130 minutes) Special thanks to Marty Gross.

Director Ryohei Sasatani's presence at the screening of Horse Beings (Uma Arite) is supported by The Japan Foundation

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