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Amour Fou

film series: From Vault to Screen: Austria

As a precautionary measure in light of COVID-19, the Gallery has canceled this event. We hope to welcome you to the Gallery soon and thank you for your support.

The elegant simplicity of Jessica Hausner's Amour Fou belies the complexity of the tale — the relationship of German poet and novelist Heinrich von Kleist and Henriette Vogel and the saga of their murder-suicide pact. The two met in 1809, delighting in their mutual fondness for music and literature. Their bonds grew more intense and, in November 1811, they traveled from Berlin to Wannsee after composing farewell letters that, along with an account of their last night together, have become a legendary feature of world literature. The couple's shared grave at Kleiner Wannsee is now a tourist attraction. "An event that could hardly be described as a laughing matter somehow yields a dryly amusing and layered reflection on the absurdity of what humans call amour fou." — Justin Chang (Jessica Hausner, 2014, subtitles, 96 minutes)