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Ingmar Bergman Centennial
Frenzy (Torment)

July 7 at 12:30
East Building Auditorium

Charting the ill-fated romance between painfully adolescent Jan-Erik (Alf Kjellin) and older, alcoholic widow-turned-hooker Bertha (Mai Zetterling), whose lover is Jan-Erik’s sadistic Latin teacher “Caligula,” the expressionistic Frenzy was an early, credited screenwriting effort of a twenty-five-year-old Bergman. Frenzy became a major success internationally for Bergman’s mentor Alf Sjöberg, who, like Bergman, had been immersed in the theater. “A masterful film, beautifully acted” — Elliott Stein. (Alf Sjöberg, 1944, 95 minutes)

courtesy Swedish Film Institute

Film Programs

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