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Ingmar Bergman Centennial
This Can’t Happen Here (High Tension)

September 2 at 4:30
East Buidling Auditorium

Introduced by Jan Holmberg

A rarely-shown oddity in Bergman’s oeuvre, This Can’t Happen Here was undertaken at the behest of Svensk Filmindustri — their goal was to produce a profitable international spy thriller. The scenario involves an agent known as Atkä Natas from a despotic country called Liquidatzia. The agent’s estranged wife, Vera, a scientist, is engaged with exiles attempting to smuggle refugees out of the troubled homeland. Conspiracy, collusion, attempted murder, and secret emissaries ensue. Bergman never liked the project, and did not want it shown. “My very soul resisted this film, hiding in the deepest darkness of my sinus and nasal passages.” The screening is introduced by Jan Holmberg, curator and CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and Bergman Archives. (1950, subtitles, 84 minutes)

courtesy the Ingmar Bergman Foundation

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