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Ingmar Bergman Centennial
Lesson in Love

August 4 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Gynecologist Gunnar Björnstrand dallies with a patient, while his wife (Eva Dahlbeck) runs off in retaliation for a fling with her old flame (Åke Grönberg). With enchanted musings about the past revealed in flashback, Lesson in Love’s more whimsical passages include confusion as to who is married to whom and a deus-ex machina Eros figure who delivers a “do not disturb” sign to a hotel room door. “Foreshadowing both Wild Strawberries and Smiles of a Summer Night, the actors play cheerfully across all lines and shadings of conflict in the knowledge, no doubt, that for their director, conflict is the law of life” — Arlene Croce. (1954, subtitles, 96 minutes)

courtesy the Ingmar Bergman Foundation

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