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Film Programs
Black Maria Program 1

August 24 at 1:00
East Buidling Auditorium

Koka, the Butcher (Bence Máté and Florian Schewe, 2018, 37 minutes); I’d Never Bother Another Chicken Again (Helen Cho Anthos, 2018, 4 minutes); Rabbit Tracks (Luke Jaeger, 2018, 4 minutes); The Last Guide (Cristian Gomes, 2018, 16 minutes); A Feeling for Leaving (Dan Boord and Luis Valdovino, 2018, 9 minutes); The Elephant’s Song (Lynn Tomlinson, 2018, 8 minutes); Woody’s Order! (Seth Kramer and Ann Talman, 2018, 16 minutes)

still from The Elephant’s Song (Lynn Tomlinson)
courtesy Black Maria Film Festival

Film Programs

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