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Black Maria: Selections from the Festival
Black Maria II

July 21 at 3:30
East Building Auditorium

Introduced by Jane Steuerwald

New York City Sketchbook (Willy Hartland, 2017, 13 minutes); Atlantic City Character Study (Billy Linker and Ben Carey, 2017, 29 minutes); Insecta (Ramey Newell, 2017, 5 minutes); On the Cusp (Yuri Alves, 2017, 10 minutes); I Saw You Yesterday (John Valeriani, 2017, 3 minutes); Little Potato (Wes Hurley and Nathan Miller, 2017, 14 minutes); Game (Jeannie Donohoe, 2017, 15 minutes); Sans Chlorophyll (Phil Davis, 2017, 3 minutes). (Total running time 91 minutes)

still from Game
Jeannie Donohoe, 2017, 15 minutes
courtesy Black Maria Film Festival and the artist

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