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Film Programs
Self-Determined Selves

November 17 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

A program of shorts by several of Britain’s most important women filmmakers includes the lyrical Mirrored Measure (Sarah Pucill, 1996, 9 minutes), which explores Jacques Lacan’s idea of the “mirror stage”; Deliliah (Tanya Syed, 1995, 12 minutes), a meditation on violence, love, and survival; Lady Lazarus (Sandra Lahire, 1991, 24 minutes), the first part of a trilogy entitled “Living on Air,” inspired by the life and work of poet Sylvia Plath; A Life in a Day with Helena Goldwater, a trawl through a fictional day in the life of a performance artist who doubles as a deck chair attendant (Sarah Turner, 1996, 20 minutes); and the silent, optically printed Imaginary, told in three parts (Moira Sweeney, 1990, 16 minutes). (Total running time 81 minutes)

Film Programs

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