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From Vault to Screen: Czech National Film Archive
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October 29 at 4:30
East Buidling Auditorium
Introduction by Michal Bregant

Modernist photographer Alexander Hackenschmied and avant-garde director Gustav Machatý were two of the celebrated artists involved in the making of this rediscovered masterpiece of the early sound period. Tempted to join a night out on the town, an innocent clerk falls into a lecherous trap, dodges unwanted advances, then finds a nice, honest man in a working-class bar. Before Monday rolls around, though, she has to face another close call. (Gustav Machatý, 1931, subtitles, 69 minutes)

courtesy National Film Archive, Prague

Film Programs

The National Gallery of Art’s film program provides many opportunities throughout the year to view classic and contemporary cinema from around the world.

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