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Our Family Album

December 1 at 2:00 p.m.
West Building Lecture Hall

Washington premiere
Introduced by Charles Musser

Our Family Album is a reflection on the construction, nature, and meaning of family photography. In this era of globalization, filmmakers Maria Threese Serana and Charles Musser move back and forth between the Philippines and the United States, two countries whose early relationship was forged by war and a half-century of colonization. How these two filmmakers (a married couple) and their son John Carlos negotiate their lives between contrasting cultures is accomplished, in part, through the medium of the photographic album. An intimate portrait, Our Family Album also engages a variety of scholars, archivists, and other filmmakers who have differing perspectives and even conflicting views on the nature of family photography and its uses in their personal and professional lives. (Charles Musser and Maria Threese Serana, 2019, 100 minutes) Charles Musser is professor of film and media studies, theater studies, and American studies at Yale University

courtesy Charles Musser and Maria Threese Serana

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