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October 19 at 2:30 p.m.
West Building Lecture Hall

Introduced by Rebekah Rutkoff

Ruskin is a wonderful, complex work that explores the city of Venice guided by John Ruskin’s melancholy text, The Stones of Venice. In Beavers’s film Venice awakens as a city haunted by the layers of history found within its most intimate architectural details and evoked in the isolated sounds brilliantly woven throughout the film — water lapping, approaching footsteps, a single extended chord on an organ. The frequent presence of the filmmaker’s hands — a recurrent motif throughout Beavers’ work — evokes the hand-crafted, almost sculptural quality of his unique cinema” — Harvard Film Archive. (Robert Beavers, 1974/1997, 16mm, 45 minutes) Rebekah Rutkoff is editor of Robert Beavers (2017) and lectures frequently on his work

courtesy Robert Beavers

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