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From Vault to Screen: Finland
Ciné-Concert: Anna-Liisa

June 23 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Andrew Simpson, pianist

Anna-Liisa is an adaptation of the acclaimed nineteenth century play by Minna Canth, a writer whose work focused on interesting female characters. Young Anna-Liisa, seduced and abandoned by a farmhand, is terrified by her ensuing pregnancy. Years later, on the verge of marrying a different man, Anna-Liisa’s former life haunts her, crushing her chance for happiness. The film’s carefully reconstructed sets and open-air cinematography (underscored by this new digital restoration) draw attention to the unspoiled landscapes and the lives of local workers. (Teuvo Puro and Jussi Snellman, 1922, subtitles, 88 minutes)

courtesy National Audiovisual Institute, Finland (KAVI)

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