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From Vault to Screen: Finland
Loviisa (Louisa)

June 23 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

Loviisa is considered the best adaptation from the Niskavuori play cycle — “a saga of matriarchy, where the master of the house is crushed under the female scepter” — by noted Estonian-Finnish writer Hella Wuolijoki. A tale of love between young Juhani Niskavuori and a local dairy worker named Malviina, Loviisa focuses on the family’s frustration triggered by their affair. Juhani’s mother brings the prudent and wealthy Loviisa from a nearby village to marry her son, despite the fact that Malviina has given birth and remains in the household. “Finnish women have always dominated the world of theatre as playwrights, producers, and directors alike . . . the long list of playwrights includes Minna Canth, Elvira Willman-Eloranta, Maria Jotuni, Hagar Olsson, and Hella Wuolijoki” — Anneli Vapaavuori. (Valentin Vaala, 1946, subtitles, 85 minutes)

courtesy National Audiovisual Institute, Finland (KAVI)

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