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From Vault to Screen: Finland
The Unknown Soldier

June 10 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

As the chords of Finlandia reverberate on the soundtrack, members of a machine-gun troop emerge from the woodlands to join the national Continuation War counterattack on the Soviets after the Winter War standoff. Different character types come into view — the screwball, the grumbler, the coward (all with distinct regional accents), and, most memorably, the irrepressible and seemingly indestructible Rokka (played by an amateur, soon-to become-expert agronomist). On its first theatrical run, The Unknown Soldier was seen by literally half the Finnish population, and for over a decade (despite two remakes), it was nationally broadcast every Independence Day. A true national epic, and one of the world’s great war sagas, the film was based on Väinö Linna’s eponymous novel. (Edvin Laine, 1955, subtitles, 169 minutes)

courtesy National Audiovisual Institute, Finland (KAVI)

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