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Film Programs
Ernie Gehr: Recent Work
New Work: A Talk by Ernie Gehr

May 6 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Ernie Gehr in person

Gehr discusses his work and presents excerpts from several new digital films, including Cotton Candy, Glider, Greene Street, Waterfront Follies, and Brooklyn Series. “Gehr seeks the complete humanizing of the [motion picture] medium by transgressing the mechanical boundaries that have historically hidden the true nature of the film experience from the viewer...The closer Gehr’s work brings us to the threshold of the illusion of motion, the clearer it becomes that the camera is simply a collection of hammered metal and molded plastic. The real technology that permits the phantasmagoria of cinema lies within the viewers themselves” — Chris Shields, Film Comment. (Approximately 70 minutes)

still from Brooklyn Series
courtesy Ernie Gehr

Film Programs

The National Gallery of Art’s film program provides many opportunities throughout the year to view classic and contemporary cinema from around the world.

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