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Double Vision: Recent Shorts

May 11 at 3:30
East Building Auditorium

Introduced by Janie Geiser 

Developing her own cinematic language with collage and sound and the use of standard cinematic devises such as the iris and the wipe, Janie Geiser has built a trove of beguiling short films. This program highlights works completed over the last seven years, including Silent Sister (2016) and two films from 2018: Fluorescent Girl and Valeria Street. In the former, a light reflects on a girl’s image while looking at a book of photographs by Paul Strand in a New Hampshire bookstore. And in Valeria Street, “American industry, its efficiency and promise, encapsulated as the ‘American way of life’ emerges as a mirage. The melancholy of such a transformation, the visual degradation or alternation of the image, its shadowing, or haunting, is heightened by the repetition of the father figure — the face, the amplified male hands, a displacement and disfiguration of the sturdy, authorial body” — Ela Bittencourt. (Total running time 72 minutes)

still from Silent Sister
courtesy the artist

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