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The Middle: Short Films from the 1980s

September 7 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Developing her optical printing techniques and utilizing the increasingly accessible mediums of analogue video and early computer imagery, Barbara Hammer’s work in the 1980s continued to address media representations of women, including women’s views of their own sexuality, as opposed to the male view. Included are Sync Touch (1981, new print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive), “a lesbian/feminist aesthetic proposing the connection between touch and sight to be the basis for a ‘new cinema’” (Canyon Cinema); Audience (1982, restored by Electronic Arts Intermix and the Academy Film Archive through the National Film Preservation Foundation’s Avant-Garde Masters Grant program and The Film Foundation. Funding provided by the George Lucas Family Foundation), a self-described diary of audience reactions from several public and international presentations of Hammer’s work; and the critique Snow Job: The Media Hysteria of AIDS (1988), among other titles. (Total running time 80 minutes)

still from Sync Touch (1981)
courtesy The Estate of Barbara Hammer  

Film Programs

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