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Case #1, Case #2 preceded by Tribute to Teachers

January 18 at 12:30 p.m.
West Building Lecture Hall

Tribute to Teachers, a sequence of interviews with Iranian schoolteachers, is in effect Kiarostami’s homage to the teaching profession. (1977, 17 minutes)
    Completed during the period of the Iranian Revolution, Case #1, Case #2 reflects on the consequences of compliance and resistance. Set in a boys’ school, the film depicts two dramatized versions of a class disciplinary problem. In one, a student reports a troublemaker; in the other, several different students refuse to rat on the wrongdoer. Kiarostami then shows his footage to a group of adult authority figures consisting of educators, politicians, and a few others and records their commentary. (1979, 47 minutes) (Total running time 64 minutes)

still from Case #1, Case #2 (1979)
courtesy Janus Films

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