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He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life

August 17 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

Introduced by Philip Brookman

Continuing the poetic recording of his life story, He Stands in a Desert Counting the Seconds of His Life is a film of high spirits. “Consisting of brief sketches, portraits of people I have spent time with, places, seasons of the= year, weather, many of my filmmaker friends such as Hans Richter, [Roberto] Rossellini, Marcel Hanoun, Adolfo Arrieta, Henri Langlois, [Alberto] Cavalcanti . . . or just friends . . . Andy Warhol, Richard Foreman, P. Adams Sitney, Raimund Abraham, Hermann Nitsch, Allen Ginsberg, George Maciunas, and countless others — brief escapes into nature, celebrations of life that has gone by and remains only as recorded in these personal, brief sketches. ‘You keep a diary and the diary will keep you,’ Mae West to Peter Beard” — Jonas Mekas. (1969/1985, 16mm, 150 minutes)

courtesy Film-makers' Cooperative/ New American Cinema Group

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