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Out-Takes from the Life of a Happy Man

September 1 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

Lovingly pieced together from scenes that were either cut from or never used in Jonas Mekas’s earlier diary films, Out-Takes from the Life of a Happy Man pushes the boundaries of this form that he pioneered in the late 1960s. It mixes footage of the past — family, friends, travel, and nature — with contemporary scenes of Mekas editing the film at his worktable. Sometimes overexposed or faded, his old footage lends an impressionistic, dreamlike quality to this memoir, helping us envision the past through fragments of the filmmaker’s wildly sensitive observations. Out-Takes toys with the question of whether cinema represents memories or documents the perceived truths of everyday life. (2012, SD video, 68 minutes)


courtesy Film-makers' Cooperative/ New American Cinema Group

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