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August 4 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Commissioned by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and originally titled Diaries, Notes, and Sketches, Walden premiered in 1968. Filming in color and black and white, Jonas Mekas used a handheld 16mm Bolex to chronicle a variety of quotidian events in his life: walks around New York, visits with family and friends (including Lou Reed, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono), and glimpses of the natural world captured with unexpected beauty amid the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Exemplifying his rhythmic, almost chaotic, camera style as a diarist, “all footage,” Mekas wrote, “is exactly as it came out from the camera. There was no way of achieving it in the editing room without destroying its form and content.” (filmed 1964 – 1968, edited 1968 – 1969, 16mm, 180 minutes)

courtesy Film-makers' Cooperative/ New American Cinema Group

Film Programs

The National Gallery of Art’s film program provides many opportunities throughout the year to view classic and contemporary cinema from around the world.

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