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Avant-Garde to Underground: Outliers and Film, Part 2
Sonic Outlaws

April 21 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

Craig Baldwin in person

Craig Baldwin has influenced or collaborated with countless other artists dedicated to mining archival films for their recombinant, critical power. As curator of the Other Cinema series at the Artists Television Access media gallery (one of the last underground art spaces in San Francisco’s Mission District), he is also dedicated to the exhibition of political documentaries, agit-prop, and experimental films. Baldwin is known for a genre he himself has called “pseudo-pseudo documentaries,” political commentaries on cultural imperialism and the military-industrial complex. The films consist of a highly energized, rapid-fire succession of both original and found footage. Sonic Outlaws, perhaps one of Baldwin’s most accessible “documentaries,” focuses on the (then) Bay Area recording and performance group Negativland and their legal battles to protect their culture-jamming practices. (Craig Baldwin, 1995, 98 minutes)

courtesy Craig Baldwin

Film Programs

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