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Avant-Garde to Underground: Outliers and Film, Part 2
Swimming in Nebraska

April 28 at 1:00
East Buidling Auditorium

Jon Jost describes his Swimming in Nebraska as “an essay-documentary of what I suppose most would call an experimental kind. It is meant as an oblique critique of the kind of provincialism in which New Yorkers or Parisians or Angelinos say things like, ‘Nebraska, there’s nothing there’ or refer to the American Midwest as ‘fly-over country.’ . . . But for myself it seems to have become a paean to pure being, the richness of existence itself. Even in supposedly dull boring Nebraska — which of course I find neither dull nor boring, but rather a place of beauty and rich with interesting vital people, of whom I met only a few.” (Jon Jost, 2010, 74 minutes)

courtesy Jon Jost

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