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Avant-Garde to Underground: Outliers and Film, Part 2
The Watermelon Woman

April 7 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

Introduced by Alexandra Juhasz, Brooklyn College

Cheryl Dunye’s trailblazing debut The Watermelon Woman — the first feature film directed by and about an African American lesbian — centers on the protagonist’s search for information about the fictional Fae Richards, a black actress from 1930s Hollywood. The main character (played by Dunye) is determined to make a documentary about her elusive subject, and her research leads to an undiscovered archive of photographs of the actress and her milieus. Constructed by artist Zoe Leonard in collaboration with Dunye to be used as props in The Watermelon Woman, the Fae Richards Photo Archive is on display in the Outliers exhibition. Theorist and coproducer of the film, Alexandra Juhasz, introduces the new digital restoration. (Cheryl Dunye, 1996, 90 minutes)

courtesy First Run Reatures

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