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Nine Letters to Bertha

October 5 at 2:00 p.m.
East Building Auditorium

Through elegant letters written by a student in 1960s fascist Spain to a woman called Bertha, the daughter of a Spanish exile living in England, Nine Letters to Bertha (Nueve cartas a Berta) explores the attitudes of a younger generation in Franco’s Spain trying to move forward but trapped in the past. The documentary-like aura and beauty of the location cinematography (the film was shot in Salamanca) betray a weariness but also a hope that Spain is moving toward modernity. Patino’s first feature became a symbol for Spanish youth and “the most emblematic film of the Nuevo Cine Español” — Casimiro Torreiro. (1966, subtitles, 35mm, 92 minutes)

courtesy Spain Arts and Culture

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