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March 9 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Director Miguel Gomes has been praised for his aesthetic audacity — his recent six-hour, stylistically intrepid Arabian Nights, for example, transposes the timeless Middle Eastern folk tale to contemporary Portugal. In Tabu Gomes again mixes new elements with traditional form, crafting a structure that is part myth, part melodrama, and part poetic experiment. The film’s multidimensional plot combines ill-fated love, rousing adventure, colonial mutiny, and political commentary. Critic Richard Brody writes, “Gomes’s vision, realized in calmly expansive, keenly perceptive compositions in a charcoal black-and-white, is two-fold. First, he reveals a rational modern Europe of noble yet sterile passions, of impotent principle, and economized energy. . . . Second, he sees the predatory injustices of colonial life as a sort of Wild West of anarchic self-indulgence and self-reinvention, a perfect environment for romance to flower and to grow to monstrous, untenable dimensions.” (Miguel Gomes, 2012, subtitles, 118 minutes)

courtesy Cinemateca Portugesa

Film Programs

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