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Strange Illusion preceded by News of the Day and Grampy’s Indoor Outing

March 30 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Edgar G. Ulmer’s hallucinatory version of Hamlet is transposed to a Los Angeles sanitarium, where a young man (Jimmy Lydon) has dreams of his mother (Sally Eilers) being seduced by a stranger, who promptly appears in the wolfish form of actor Warren William. (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1945, 87 minutes)

Before the feature: News of the Day, vol. 17, no. 288 (1945, 8 minutes), and Grampy’s Indoor Outing, a Betty Boop cartoon. (Dave Fleischer, 1936, 7 minutes)

still from Strange Illusion
courtesy Producers Releasing Corporation/Photofest

Film Programs

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