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June 15 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

The humour noir that occasionally appears in earlier films of the Romanian New Wave resurfaces in Charleston — an unconventional love triangle in which the shared object of affection is dead. Several weeks after his wife is fatally hit by a car, a man is visited by her former lover, a timid younger man emotionally undone by the loss. At first defensive,  the two men eventually bond in a weird and wry exploration of their shared sensitivities and cravings for closure. “Like the old-fashioned dance from which it takes its name — in which one of the rules, as director Andrei Crețulescu slyly notes, is that you have to switch partners, Charleston pulls off its own brisk two-step as it dances between genres. ‘Some people called it a road movie. Some people called it black comedy,’ says Cretulescu, ‘but it is a film about love’” — Christopher Vourlias. (Andrei Crețulescu, 2018, subtitles, 120 minutes)

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