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May 27 at 12:30
East Building Auditorium

In a cycle of six chapters, Paisan tracks the progress of the Allies during the Italian Campaign, from the invasion of Sicily to crossing the Po River. The central motif — crushing struggles with poor communication and response — is sensitively played out despite the film’s rough-edged production. Paisan was widely seen at the time, and was later nominated for an Academy Award for original screenplay and for a BAFTA Award for best film of 1946. In Italy it proved to be the most popular new film of the 1945 – 1946 season. “The film is shot through with flashes of moral illumination and mutual understanding, fleeting moments of connection and compassion” — Nelson Kim. (Roberto Rossellini, 1946, subtitles, 134 minutes) Special thanks to Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna for loan of the restored digital print.

Film programs

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