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Revolutionary Rising: Soviet Film Vanguard

October 13 - November 12

The year 2017 marks a century since the 1917 October Revolution, an event that not only shook the world politically but also empowered revolutionary art and artists and spawned a synthesis within the arts urging sociopolitical change. Large-scale, state-sponsored experimental filmmaking — at a time when commercial imperatives were already dominant — was one of the results of this revolutionary rising. Made for Soviet audiences, many of these films were nonetheless exhibited internationally. This series, revisiting a few of these landmarks, recognizes their pioneering aesthetic. According to Lenin, “Of all the arts, for us the cinema is the most important.” With special thanks to Alla Verlotsky, the series is a copresentation of the National Gallery of Art and the American Film Institute Silver Theatre.

poster art, Fragment of an Empire (Fridrikh Ermler, 1929)
courtesy Amkino Corporation / Photofest

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