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Revolutionary Rising: Soviet Film Vanguard
Ciné-Concert: Fragment of an Empire followed by Earth

November 12 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium
Andrew Simpson, pianist

Latvian-born Fridrikh Ermler tells a tale of contemporary Russia through the personality of Filimonov, a noncommissioned officer in the imperial army. Losing his memory during World War I, Filimonov recovers and tries to salvage his old life but finds out\ that everything has changed — his employer, his wife, even his hometown. As time goes by, Filimonov embraces the new and even becomes a spokesperson for Soviet progress. (Fridrikh Ermler, 1929, subtitles, 72 minutes)

Nature and home are at the forefront in Earth, as Dovzhenko records the farms of his native Ukraine in protracted shots of pastoral simplicity. A village is trying to carry out collectivization. As the erstwhile landowners resist, the story turns dark, but the spirit of the workers remains unshaken. (Alexander Dovzhenko, 1930, subtitles, 83 minutes)

courtesy Wufku/Mosfilm

Film Programs

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