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Special Events: Spring 2018
Hearts in a Heartless World: Access and Community Media

June 9 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

DeeDee Halleck in person

Free-speech champion and community access pioneer, author of Hand-Held Visions: The Impossible Possibilities of Community Media, founder of Paper Tiger Television, and cofounder of Deep Dish TV, DeeDee Halleck presents her rarely screened early documentary portraits in their original formats. The program includes Children Make Movies (1961, 16mm, 13 minutes); Mural on Our Street (1965, 35mm, 26 minutes), nominated for an Academy Award; the lyrical Jaraslawa (1973, 16mm, 15 minutes); and Bronx Baptism (1980, 16mm, 27 minutes), observing, in Halleck’s words, “community creation in the midst of economic devastation: the heart of a heartless world” (with additional camera work by artists Richard Serra and Babette Mangolte). Followed by a recently digitized episode from Paper Tiger Television, Donna Haraway: National Geographic of Primates. (Total running time 120 minutes)

still from Children Make Movies (1961)
courtesy DeeDee Halleck

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