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June 22 at 1:00
East Building Auditorium

Originally released in the United States in a condensed version, this is the complete uncut release of Bernardo Bertolucci’s masterful 1900, screened in two parts as the director intended. The film opens with Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo’s large canvas Il Quarto Stato, painted in 1901 and now a symbol for progressive twentieth-century values. Two characters, Alfredo (Robert De Niro) and Olmo (Gérard Depardieu), signify the fundamental conflict of capitalism — the landed elite vs. the working class — with Burt Lancaster memorably playing the padrone, thus linking 1900 thematically to Il Gattopardo. Vittorio Storaro’s cinematography and Ennio Morricone’s music create a spectacular milieu. (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1976, 320 minutes with intermission)

courtesy Paramount Pictures/Photofest

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