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Gray House

April 14 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Washington premiere

A striking synthesis of sound and image in a hybrid documentary/fictional form, Gray House by filmmaker Austin Jack Lynch (son of David Lynch) and photographer Matthew Booth is, at times, purposefully mysterious. Shifting between the natural world and architectural spaces, using both real and simulated settings, the film is a meditation on landscape, loss, loneliness, and human need. “A lot of the structure of the film and the specific subject matter of this location [versus] that location evolved in an intuitive way, almost like painting. You move through these environments in a certain way. . . the shrimp boat in Texas, the community in Virginia. . . . There was just naturally a world of really interesting complex sound, and so you had to try and create a [soundscape] for the film that was as immersive as the pictures. The music is composed by Alvin Lucier. His work is structural and predetermined, somewhere between what you think of as music and what you think of as action itself” — Austin Jack Lynch. (Austin Jack Lynch and Matthew Booth, 2017, 75 minutes)

courtesy Austin Jack Lynch and Matthew Booth

Film Programs

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