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Special Events: Summer 2018
Ciné-concert: Films of Peter Hutton

September 1 at 2:30
East Building Auditorium

Chris Brokaw and Matthew Nolan in performance

Guitarists and composers Matthew Nolan and Chris Brokaw have crafted new musical scores for a selection of works by American filmmaker Peter Hutton (1944 – 2016), whose evocative short films of landscapes and cityscapes, often in black and white, were made without sound. Hutton likened his films to paintings and described the experience of viewing them as “a little like daydreaming.” The films — Florence, In Titan’s Goblet, Study of a River, New York Portrait, Chapter One, and more — move between their original soundless state and live accompaniment. “The fact that these films were deliberately created without a soundtrack is intriguing to those of us interested in sound and its role in narrative — and inspires questions worth exploring” — Chris Brokaw. (Total running time approximately 90 minutes) With special thanks to Culture Ireland for support of Matthew Nolan

still from In Titan's Goblet
courtesy Canyon Cinema

Film Programs

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