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À propos de Nice followed by Jean Taris, champion de France and Zéro de conduite

February 16 at 2:00
East Building Auditorium

Jean Vigo’s first film mixes footage of strollers along Nice’s Promenade des Anglais with scenes that mock the city’s class inequities. In the background is the Carnival of Nice with its strange and fanciful papier-mâché figures. Mimicking the Soviet montage artists to create a swirling urban mosaic (Boris Kaufman, the cinematographer for À propos de Nice, was the brother of Russian experimenter Dziga Vertov), Vigo depicts the outlandish within this famed Riviera city — and all under cloudy skies. (1930, silent with musical score, 23 minutes)
A commissioned sports documentary on the famous French swimmer who competed in three Summer Olympics, Jean Taris, champion de France is also an abstract reflection on the human form in movement. (1931, silent with musical score, 9 minutes) In Zéro de conduite, four boys feeling the pains of boarding school life stage an uprising. Basing his scenario on his own bitter childhood memories, Vigo comments on youthful rebellion — adding surreal motifs like an epic slow-motion pillow fight — making insinuations that reach far beyond school life. This new restoration, the director’s cut with previously unseen sequences, eliminates the intertitles added to earlier prints. (1933, 49 minutes)

still from Zéro de conduite
courtesy Cine Classics/Photofest

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Jean Vigo
February 16
East Building Auditorium

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