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Science Non-Fiction: The Intersection of Science and Documentary

January 18 at 2:00 p.m.
West Building Lecture Hall

William Noland in person

This program of short works by William Noland (son of American color field painter Kenneth Noland) sits at the intersection of art, science, and experimental documentary. “In my work in photography and video, I’m most interested in exploring forms of documentary that tap into raw, unfettered human emotion and behavior. As we better understand how our brains and emotions operate, vulnerabilities in this rapidly evolving environment increase, and we’re entering the dark place that numerous twentieth century writers, theorists, and scientists anticipated and feared,” he says. Six short  films are screened: Bicycle Day, exploring the clinical use of LSD in dreamlike fashion using images drawn from news reports and controlled experimental studies (2016); Apparatus Synapse, conveying through neuroscience experiments the rhythms and patterns of thought and reaction (2016); Oneiric, observing individuals in coffee shops in thrall to their devices and asking the viewer to consider the nature of contemporary social interaction (2014); Instruction Book on Self, showing solitary characters delivering divergent narratives about the self (2019); nix, examining our dystopian present and uncertain future through the prism of big data, psychometrics, microtargeted surveillance, and techniques of persuasion (2018); and Toxic Detroit, in which the city’s surreal industrial wasteland belies the optimism of Detroiters themselves (2012). (Total running time 100 minutes)

still from nix
courtesy William Noland

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