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Paris, May ’68: Zanzibar and Philippe Garrel

May 12 at 2:30
East Building Auditorium

Introduction by Sally Shafto

The first of the Zanzibar productions, shot between March and April 1968, borrows a title from a phrase scrawled on the walls of the University of Paris’s Nanterre campus: Aideznous, détruisez-vous (Help us, destroy yourselves). A student of sociology, Serge Bard was dissatisfied with his university life and decided to drop out. In the process, he began experimenting with a movie camera. Foreshadowing the growing spirit of revolt, Bard cast in this early film the artist and activist Alain Jouffroy who plays a professor lecturing to a nearly empty classroom on the necessity of revolution. (Serge Bard, 1968, subtitles, 75 minutes)

courtesy Collectiv Jeune Cinéma

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