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Paris, May ’68: Zanzibar and Philippe Garrel
Deux fois

May 27 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium

Jackie Raynal launched her legendary film career in Paris in the early 1960s as a film editor (notably for Eric Rohmer’s series Six Moral Tales), then directed her own films with Zanzibar and, much later in New York, programmed the renowned Bleecker Street Cinema. Deux fois was shot during a week in 1968 in Barcelona where Raynal met, and then cast, Francisco Viader as her leading man. A sequence of disconnected but riveting episodes, the film gained fame as a breakthrough work of feminist cinema. “She put in her film the visionary crazed coldness of major paranoiacs” — Serge Daney. (Jackie Raynal, 1968, subtitles, 70 minutes)

courtesy Collectiv Jeune Cinéma

Film Programs

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