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Paris, May ’68: Zanzibar and Philippe Garrel
La cicatrice intérieure (The Inner Scar)

May 20 at 4:30
East Building Auditorium

Philippe Garrel shot The Inner Scar with Warhol superstar Nico, his then partner and co-scriptwriter. As the actress wanders through a desert, she comes upon a man (Garrel) who leads her hither and yon, then disappears. Other characters materialize: Nico’s own young son, Pierre Clémenti playing an archer, and various animals. The soundtrack features music from Nico’s album Desertshore and minimal dialogue in English, German, and French, but no subtitles, per Garrel’s request. (Philippe Garrel, 1972, 60 minutes)

courtesy Collectiv Jeune Cinéma

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