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Paris, May ’68: Zanzibar and Philippe Garrel
Vite followed by The Revolution Is Only a Beginning: Let’s Continue

May 27 at 5:30
East Building Auditorium

Artist Daniel Pommereulle’s Vite, though only a half hour in length, was one of the most expensive of the Zanzibar films, featuring shots of the moon through a Questar telescope. “Pommereulle transformed the word vide [empty] to vite [quickly], signifying his profound disenchantment with the aftermath of the revolution of May ’68” — Sally Shafto. (Daniel Pommereulle, 1969, subtitles, 37 minutes)

Famed French actor Pierre Clémenti made several underground films, including the madcap The Revolution Is Only a Beginning: Let’s Continue — his declaration of eternal revolt and poetry in the streets. “Like the Warhol Factory, Clémenti and friends were interested in an expanded notion of art; here we see their band Les Fabuleux Loukoms practicing, together with other activities that form an important document of the period and a portrait of key figures in Zanzibar” — Harvard Film Archive. (Pierre Clémenti, 1968, silent, 16mm, 25 minutes)

still from Vite
courtesy Collectiv Jeune Cinéma

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